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Unique Accessoires - Handmade in Italy


Established in 2012 in Rome and now based in an Umbrian village in the countryside of Italy, CatalinaRoma is a small craft business for 100% handmade accessories. Carefully chosen, high quality fabrics are cut by hand and combined with each other to create contrast or harmony. Refined with matching zippers, yarns and sometimes beads, they are skillfully sewn joined to create truly unique pieces.

You will find small bags, keychains and much more to add a touch of color to your everyday life, whilst helping you to keep your things more organized. They of course make also great gifts for your loved ones. Feel welcome to choose your favorites!


Here you find a wide choice of wonderful and unique cosmetic bags in three different sizes. Depending on your needs they can be indeed used as cosmetic bags, but there are also many more ways, for example, to store all your cables from your electronic devices or if you like to have all your important stuff, like keys and purse more easily to find in one place in your handbag. The outside material is either waterproofed or a cotton-linen mix and all cosmeticbags are lined with a soft waterproofed fabric in matching or contrasting colors and pattern.


Flatbags are available in three sizes: Pouches (large), cell phone bags (medium) and purses (small). While the pouches, for example, are ideal as capacious pencil cases or for travel documents, the cell phone bags have an extra layer to protect your phone better and the purses are… yes perfect to use as purses, but as always you can really adapt it to your needs.
Here you can also choose between waterproof fabrics and cotton-linen mix as the outer material.


The keychains/lanyards in three different lengths are practical and colorful everyday companions. The long version can be put around the neck and not only keys, but also company ID badges can be perfectly attached here. The medium version fits well around the wrist and also the short version is easier to find in the handbag. In any case, an ideal gift for friends who enjoy an individual and practical accessory.



Each and every piece is designed and made with joy and care.

This practical zipped pencil case is  a great eye-catcher that fits easily into your handbag or school bag. with a size of about 7 x 20 cm, it can be stored easily and offers enough space for your pens.

You can use it for pens and drawing utensils, for crochet hooks or charging cables, etc and it's also suitable for the office. But the pencil case is also perfect for storing cosmetics and hygiene products, medicines or other small items that might otherwise get lost in your handbag or luggage.



l a r g e  b a g s

Here you find different  types of cotton bags: the casual gym bag (Turnbeutel) , practical and stylish companion for school, university, sports and your walks - is very lightweight yet sturdy, so it safely carries your personal belongings.


Also you will find plain beige and black tote bags sewn with motifs made of different materials, from pure silk to terry cloth. These simple but individual carrier bags are beautiful everyday companions.


The classical shopper is coming soon.