Established in 2012 in Rome and now based in an Umbrian village in the countryside of Italy, CatalinaRoma is a small craft business for 100% handmade accessories. Carefully chosen, high quality fabrics are cut by hand and combined with each other to create contrast or harmon. Refined with matching zippers, yarns and sometimes beads, they are skillfully sewn joined to create truly unique pieces.

About me

After studying communication design and gaining many years of professional experience in graphic/web design in my own design studio in Cologne (Germany), I now love the craftsmanship and practicality of working with fabrics to create individual and unique pieces. Care and attention to detail guide my creations, where I combine colors, materials and patterns in ever new ways. More and more I use and combine recycled fabrics and will continue to expand this area.
The result is always a personal, handmade unique piece ... a wonderful and colorful everyday companion.

Enjoy browsing, discovering the details and choosingy our personal favourite!