This practical small zipped pencil case is  a great eye-catcher that fits easily into your handbag or school bag. With a size of about 7 x 20 cm, it can be stored easily and offers enough space for a few pens.

You can use it for pens and drawing utensils, for crochet hooks or charging cables, etc and it's also suitable for the office. But the pencil case is also perfect for storing cosmetics and hygiene products, medicines or other small items that might otherwise get lost in your handbag or luggage.


Discover the pencil case large, which is both practical and stylish. With a waterproof lining and dimensions of 23x10x7 cm, it provides ample space for all your writing essentials. Chic, functional and handcrafted it brings organization to your everyday life at school, the office, home or on the road.
Alternatively, this size is also perfect for using it as a small wash bag to store cosmetics and hygiene products (fitting your toothbrush).

Here comes the perfect storage solution for your cherished brushes. Handcrafted with care and with dimensions of 29x8x7cm you'll have plenty of room for all your creativ tools. It keeps your valuable brushes secure and organized whether you're on the move or in the studio.

Each and every piece is designed and made with joy and care.